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For days you can end with a smile, harvests you can end with pride.

More than 25-percent faster than the competition, our combines offer the world's fastest unloading rate at 4.5 bushels per second. And from the floor up, each of our combines is designed with the advanced electronics and ergonomics to maximize efficiency, operator comfort, and productivity.

  • Two unloading augers get the job done fast and efficiently.
  • The largest bin capacity keeps you harvesting instead of unloading.
  • Superior material handling components mean superior quality grain.
  • Ease of maintenance means it's hard to keep them down.


Massey Ferguson
Model Year
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Without Header: 392 in. (9.95 m)
Transport: 147 in. (3.73 m)
With Tires: 37,700 lbs. (17,101 kg)
146 in. (3.71 m)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
24 gal. (90.8 l)


Engine Model
763 ci (12.5 l)
Inline 6
Gross Horsepower
425 hp (317 kW) @ 2,100 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity
230 gal. (870 l)


Hydrostatic: 4-speed
Drive System
Final Drive Type: Spur gear S-41
Type: Dual cylinder
Wheel: Tilt / telescope


Cab Features
Interior Volume: 121.4 cu. ft. (3.44 cu. m)
Glass Area: 61.2 sq. ft. (5.69 sq. m)
Cab Controls
Right-hand console / with command arm
Luxury / air ride


Turning Radius
253 in. (6.43 m)
Row/Crop Heads
Chopper: 2-speed
Straw Spreader: 2-speed
Feeding Width
Housing Width: 55.4 in. (1,408 mm)
Feeding Speed
Variable speed feederhouse drive available
Threshing Cylinder Speed
Low Range: 200 - 440 rpm
Mid Range: 200 - 789 rpm
High Range: 200 - 1,040 rpm
Separator Type
Concave Type: Open, 9-sections
Separator Length
140 in. (3,556 mm)
Separator Area
2,400 sq. in. (1.54 sq. m)
Discharge Grate Area
Concave / Grate Area: 2,721 sq. in. (1.75 sq. m)
4,426 sq. in. (2.86 sq. m)
Sieve Area
3,783 sq. in. (2.44 sq. m)
Total Cleaning Area
8,296 sq. in. (5.35 sq. m)
Unloading Auger Length
From Centerline: 293 in. (7.4 m)
Unloading Rate
4.5 bushel/s (159 L/s)
Unloading Discharge Height
171 in. (4.39 m)

Standard Features

Four-Strand Feed Chain
 You'll have up to 33% more support to feed material through system in a smoother, more constant pressure.    
 Our MF 9895 and MF 9795 combines both feature a wide 55.4-inch (1,408 mm) feed house. The feed house on the MF 9695 is 44.1 inches (1,121 mm) wide. All combines use a floating front feed drum equipped with a shock absorber to prevent drum bounce and keep the feed chain in constant contact with the incoming crop. MF 9895 and MF 9795 feature four strands, while the MF 9695 uses three strands of number 557 drive chain equipped with long life chrome pins.  
 Large coil tension springs keep feed chains adjusted properly in heavy crop conditions. Heavy-duty bolt-on conveyor feed slats to keep the crop moving to the full width helical vane front feed conveyer.  
 The Massey Ferguson 9005 Series use an 18-inch (457 mm) diameter helical vane feed conveyor to feed the rotor inlet and provide rock protection. The helical vane conveyor provides efficient and quiet operation and has the following three primary functions:  
    Accelerates the crop leaving the feed chain  
    Separates stones from the crop  
    Feeds the rotor 360  
 The opposing vanes on the feed conveyer supply an even flow of material to the rotor via a conical shaped rotor intake housing. A blended shape rotor transition intake provides a 360 rotor feed. This feature gently feeds the rotor to reduce crop damage while increasing rotor intake capacity.  
Advanced Rotor Concave and Separating Areas
 Unique concave design allows gentler crop handling.  
 At the heart of the Massey Ferguson 9005 Series, you'll find the secret to our success -- and yours. It's our unique threshing and separating system, the ATR (Advanced Technology Rotor). It amplifies the efficiencies inherent in rotary threshing technology.  
 The intake and discharge design is patented. And the longest rotor in the industry at 140 inches (3,556 mm) takes combine performance to an entirely new level.  
 Our MF 9695 and MF 9795 models feature a 27.5-inch (700 mm) diameter rotor. MF 9895 is equipped with a higher capacity 31.5-inch (800 mm) diameter rotor. On all three, the rotor length is 140 inches plus 160 concave wrap delivers more complete crop threshing and separation with gentle crop handling characteristics.  
Greatest Grain Bin Capacity
 At 350 bushels, it's the largest of all Class VII combines.  
 The grain enters the clean grain system through the lower sieve and the transverse fan 11 inches (277 mm) for MF 9695 / MF 9795 and 13 inches (330 mm) for MF 9895 - produces a large volume of air that ensures the operator that the crop is clean. A cross auger moves the crop to a large clean grain elevator. Bolt-on rubber paddles carry the grain to the grain tank where a 12-inch (305 mm) bin fill auger evenly fills the large 300 bushel (10,570 L) grain tank in the Massey Ferguson 9690 and 9790 combine and the large 350 bushel (12,334 L) in the Massey Ferguson 9895 (optional on MF 9795). At 350 bushels, it's the largest of all Class VII combines and equal or greater than many in Class VIII.  
 Grain tank extensions equipped with quick release latches fold down easily reducing the transport height to 147 inches (3,73 mm) for storage and transporting.  
 Bin Full Sensors: Two electronic sensors positioned in the grain bin alert the C2000 virtual terminal when the grain bin is at 75% full and again at 100%. Bin filling can also be monitored visually through a window behind the operator and a window in the grain tank extension.  
 Foldable Access Steps: Make it easier and more secure to check your grain bin.  
 Exclusive Two-Auger Unloading System: A 12-inch cross auger feeds the 15-inch high-capacity unloader auger.  
World's Fastest Unloading Rate
 More than 25% faster than the competition.  
 We've delivered the most efficient, productive grain handling system in the world by combining the largest capacity bin available, with the industry's fastest unloading rate. Up to 60% faster than the competition.  
 Increase your capacity. Now all three MF 9005 Series models feature our Direct High Volume on-the-go unloading system that unloads at 4.5 bushel/s (159 L/s) (Peak). Unload the MF9895 or optional on MF9795 - 350 bushel (12,334 L) grain bin in a mere 88 seconds! The standard MF9795 and MF9695 - 300 bushel (10,570 L) bin unloads even quicker.  
 Only two unloading augers with direct hi-flow unloading vs. turret unloading system (3 augers). Up to 33% less means less chance of grain cracking.  
Hardworking HP
 Our harvesting system demands less horsepower, maximizing fuel economy.  
 In the 9005 Series, class-leading horsepower and torque and exceptional fuel economy are provided by AGCO Power 84 CTA advanced technology engines. Turbocharged and after-cooled, these 513 CID, 6-cylinder engines are Tier III emissions compliant and feature a common rail fuel injection system. A fuel lubricated 3-piston radial pump supplies fuel to each of the electronically operated 8-hole fuel injectors. To further enhance fuel economy these engines are B20 BioDiesel compatible.  
 This engine features:  
    24 valve cross-flow head with 4 valves per cylinder for increased air circulation.  
    Bosch common rail fuel injection system controlled electronically for better fuel efficiency by the EEM3 electronic engine management software.  
    Wet cylinder liners which are centrally supported and replaceable. The two central supports reduce vibrations of the liners, eliminating the cylinder liners cavitations.  
    Turbocharged, intercooling and exhaust gas recirculation to meet Tier III Emissions.  
    30 hp automatic unloading boost.  
Largest, Roomiest Cab in the Industry
 Up to 33% more room for greater comfort. Now with 12 Hella High-Intensity stadium lights as standard.  
 The Massey Ferguson 9005 Series cabs are designed to be spacious, comfortable and quiet. With optimal visibility including large, electrically adjusted rear-view mirrors, controls placed right where your hands want to go, and a climate control system that keeps you going strong, in heat or cold.  
 A large cab door makes entry and exit easy. And an exit light with automatic shut off makes it easy at night. The convenient linear shift transmission and ergonomically designed multi-function hydro handle are responsive and precise. And the C2000 virtual terminal is integrated right into the unique command arm which can be adjusted by the operator and moves with the deluxe seat for maximum visibility.  
 Our 12 Hella High-Intensity field lighting package, provides the most intensity and the farthest reach you can get, with 8 stadium high-capacity cab-mounted halogen work lights and a right-hand mounted row finder light. Thats up to 50% more lights than the competition. Adjustable extremity lights illuminate the ends of your header. A grain bin light, automatic unloading auger light and automatic back-up lights add to better night time visibility.  
Ergonomically Placed Central Command Console
 Situated in front of the hydro-handle for easier access, you'll experience less fatigue and less distraction.  
Most Expansive Visibility
 Now with a narrow "B" post and 61.2 sq. f.t (5.6 m) of glass area.  
Fewer Belts and Gear Boxes
 Our combines have up to 50% less belts than other combines, meaning less to go wrong. And up to 50% less gear boxes.  
Only Two Unloading Augers
 We've built these MF 9005 Series combines to work as hard as you do. And our state-of-the-art grain cleaning system is a perfect example of just what we mean.  
 The 71-inch (1,800 mm) long high capacity reciprocating grain pan efficiently delivers threshed and separated to the front of the cleaning shoe. This simple system literally eliminates issues associated with auger type conveyer systems used in competitive combines.  
 The new Perforated Cascade Pan increases cleaning capacity and provides a better grain sample. The pan provides 14% more pneumatic cleaning area with additional material handling capacity within the cleaning system in heavy load situations.  
 Fan speed increased by 10%, providing 14% more air volume to the cleaning shoe.  
 Massey Ferguson offers a versatile line-up of headers with the largest header lift cylinder- for quicker response, and lifting capacity.  


 Feeding System: Lateral tilt  
 Crop Residue Disposal: Hydraulic chaff spreader  
 Header Options
 Massey Ferguson offers a versatile line-up of headers with the largest header lift cylinder - for quicker response, and ability to lift larger size headers.  
*Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and does not include government fees, taxes, dealer freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.